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This woman,

Not sure if this is real name,

need to be...

Watch out.

There's no company website.

There's a lady inside company call "Darling".

I believe they could have many company names, if we sue one, the other one opens.

No matter what you told her what kind of loan you want, triple make sure, they still trick you with those documents.


scam/ fraud

Innovative Mortgage Group Inc

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

Jenny Kung

Loan Officer

2100 Saturn ST #202

Monterey Park, CA 91755

Phone : (323) 725-8619

Fax : (323) 725-3088

e-mai : jenny.kung @yahoo.com

voice mail : (818) 353-7958




For FBI agent, I will give you the victim's list if need our assist.


Innovative Mortgage Group INC

Not Rated Not Rated | Write a Review
2100 Saturn St, Ste 202, Monterey Park, CA 91755
(323) 725-8615

These scams hit us right where we live.

From foreclosure frauds to subprime shenanigans, mortgage fraud is a growing crime threat that is hurting homeowners, businesses, and the national economy. We have developed new ways to detect and combat mortgage fraud, including collecting and analyzing data to spot emerging trends and patterns. And we are using the full array of investigative techniques to find and stop criminals before the fact, rather than after the damage has been done.

Mortgage Fraud Scam
'Dream Homes' Turns into Nightmare


The company had all the trappings of success—its top officials lived lavish lifestyles, kept a fleet of chauffeur-driven cars, and donated generously to charities. And it used slick marketing to sell its “Dream Homes Program,” which promised to pay homeowners’ mortgages in return for an up-front fee that would be invested in profitable business ventures.

But the dream turned into a $70 million nightmare for more than a thousand investors—among the latest victims of mortgage fraud.

FBI Executive Assistant Director Thomas J. Harrington of our Criminal, Cyber, Response,
and Services Branch (right) and Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer
of the Department of Justice's Criminal Division.

According to federal grand jury indictments unsealed today, the five people behind Metro Dream Homes and the bogus mortgage payment program were actually running an elaborate deception—one eventually unraveled through the cooperative efforts of federal and state law enforcement agencies.

“The effects of this wide-ranging mortgage fraud scheme are particularly disturbing against the backdrop of today’s economic environment,” said Thomas J. Harrington, Executive Assistant Director of our Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Branch.

Here’s how the scam worked:

  • Between 2005 and 2007, victims were persuaded into investing at least $50,000 with Metro Dream Homes, either by refinancing their existing homes or buying new homes at inflated prices.
  • Investors were told not to worry about high mortgages because Metro Dream Homes would pay their future monthly payments and pay off their mortgages within five to seven years using returns on the homeowner’s original investment. Then the homeowner and Metro Dream Homes would own an equal interest in the home.
  • Victims were told that their $50,000—not including an administrative fee of up to $5,000—would be used to fund investments in automated teller machines, flat-screen TV displays that carried commercial advertisements, and Touch-N-Buy electronic kiosks that sold telephone calling cards and other items.
  • To make the scam seem more legitimate, the company marketed its program through live presentations at posh hotels in Washington, D.C.; Baltimore; and even Beverly Hills, California.

In the end, it was a classic Ponzi scheme: the proceeds from later investors went to pay the mortgages of earlier investors. The ATMs, flat-screen TVs, and electronic kiosks never generated any meaningful revenue, federal prosecutors contend.

And the bulk of the money? It lined the defendants’ pockets—with $200,000-a-year salaries, luxury cars, and travel to major sporting events like the 2007 Super Bowl.

By the time law enforcement shut down the company, homeowners had already invested about $70 million. When Metro Dream Homes stopped making the mortgage payments, the homeowners were left holding the bag. The defendants, meanwhile, are facing long prison terms for multiple counts of fraud, conspiracy to commit money laundering, and other charges.

At a press conference today at the Department of Justice to announce the indictments, Harrington said that to combat the recent “exponential rise in mortgage fraud investigations,” the FBI has increased the number of agents who investigate mortgage fraud from 120 in 2007 to more 250 today. We participate in 18 mortgage fraud task forces and 47 working groups across the country.

“One of the best tools the FBI has in its arsenal for combating mortgage fraud,” he said, “is its long-standing partnerships with other federal, state, and local law enforcement.”

If you have been the victim of a mortgage fraud scheme or have information about one, call your local FBI office or submit a tip electronically.

"Dream Home" press release
- First defendant pleads guilty

- Mortgage fraud webpage

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Diamond Resorts International Complaints - DISHONEST COLLECTION /FORECLOSURE

Review all Diamond Resorts International complaints

Diamond Resorts International


Posted: 2009-10-23 by   kanga

Complaint Rating:  100 % with 3 votes
Diamond Resorts International are dishonest and after contacting the Court House and Prosecutor I will file a case against them.
They have collected from my credit card the sums of $1008, $1008, $31, 56$31, 56 for the MFees for two weeks i purchased from a private owner.
When the owner contacted DIAMOND RESORTS she was told her weeks were foreclosed.
They also will not deal with me as they say I am a third party yet they were more than willing to TAKE MY MONEY OFF MY CREDIT CARD.
My other two weeks Ipaid the fees for as well
The "legal counsel' sent me an email to say that they never sent my daughter registered letters. This again confirms the statement that 'Lawyers are liars!"
I showed the letters to the Resort Manager who told me his hands were tied and he couldn't do anything.
I still have never received any contracts for my first two weeks and we have no proof of ownership.
I also never was contacted about the sale for Sunterra to Diamond Resorts International.
The person who contacted me by email told me "Time is money and I will not waste any more time in contacting you'"
I was also told "The BAHAMAS comes up automatically when we type in your address on St Martin!'
They have to be stopped


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Diamond Resorts International Complaints - Rude & Lying

Review all Diamond Resorts International complaints


Diamond Resorts International

Posted: 2010-03-16 by   Diamond Resorts Very Unresponsive

Rude & Lying
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Company information:
Diamond Resort
United States

I wrote Diamond on March 6, 2010 with no response asking them to transfer maintenance fees to San Luis Bay Inn. This was after I was told they were not yet transferred by Fairfield Management Resort. I paid club dues not recognizing until today Diamond collects maintenance fees for all locations except San Luis Bay Inn. I verified my account with Diamond showed $0 in maintenance fees dues in addition to club fees believing they were paid. Their site indicates they collect both. Nowhere on their site dso they indicate this policy is not applicable to San Luis Bay Inn. If you call the automated number, however, they indicate they are unable to take payment for San Luis Bay Inn. As a result of Diamond’s not specifying this deviation in policy, I owe a collection agency $649.49 for $240.92. One simple phone call or an explanation of the deviation in policy on their web-site would have handled this matter. Or for that matter, indicating what the fees were that I initially paid for.

Their response when I called Diamond Resorts this morning and pressed #0 (you can't get anyone from their corporate office). The person indicated to me that I should have known better. He told me “it has been years since Sunterra collected fees and that I didn’t haven’t my facts straight.” I told him that I have a copy of my VISA statement for 2009 showing otherwise—he hung it on me. Unfortunately, I find their people arrogant when they are ill-informed and make no effort to remedy their mistakes.

The collection agency said this also happens with RCI. They use the words maintenance fees and confuse people. In all honesty, owning a time-share is not worth it-- I find that I am dealing with people who don't care or not willing to help you. This is not the first time that Diamond has been so rude to me, or cost me money. I believe they do this to get more money from the collection agency.


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Diamond Resorts International

Posted: 2009-02-09 by   Lucas

Fraud and cheating
Complaint Rating:  96 % with 24 votes
Company information:
Diamond Resorts International
United States

My wife and I have ownership interests in the Flamingo Beach Resort and the Flamingo Beach Villas in Sint Maarten. These properties were acquired last year by Diamond Resorts International.

When we purchased the time share weeks the initial Maintenance Fees were set in the contract but the contracts were mute with regard to inflation but we were assured that the rates would follow the local inflation rates in St Marten. We have just received our invoice for this year and find that our fees have increased 34% and 42% respectively. When I expressed concern over the increase to Diamond Resorts International I was told to 'get a lawyer'.

If we do not pay the fees we forfeit the properties and our initial investments. We feel that the increase is unconscionable and intended to force owners to abandon their investment so that the properties can be resold.

We understand that a class action suit is being mobilized by a local law firm in Sint Maarten on behalf of owners to address the Maintenance fee increases and the purported use of capital reserves to pay debts. We have also contacted the Attorney General for our state. It is hard to imagine that firms like Diamond Resorts International can operate in such a heavy handed way.


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Diamond Resorts International


Posted: 2009-04-06 by   dissatisfied

Unfair business practices
Complaint Rating:  94 % with 18 votes
Company information:
Diamond Resorts International
Las Vegas, Nevada
United States
Phone: 8002797764

I purchased a timeshare with points I could use every year. I was told the fees would total less than $800 a year when I purchased the week. I have received bills in excess of $1300 and when I requested an accounting of taxes and fees to try to understand why the charges were so much than I was quoted at time of purchase, no one responded to my written communication even though I have documentation that shows my correspondence was received. There is no control over how much you will be charged once you purchase one of these units. The sales people will tell you anything to get you to purchase and you have no recourse. If you refuse to pay the huge fees, your credit will be ruined. It took me two months to get the phone number I have included so I could talk to someone who was no help what so ever. Stay away from this company as their business practices are horrible and you will be SORRY. Once you purchase you are stuck. The properties are never filled and some of them are old and in less than great condition and you can stay at them for a fraction of what you will pay in fees if you purchase.


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Our story is likely a familiar one to all of you. My wife and I bought a timeshare at the Diamond Resorts property in Sedona, AZ in 2008. We have yet to vacation on it, but have been hit with a 35% and 40% annual increase in maintenance fees, which we are required to pay in order to preserve the original investment (roughly $13, 000). These fee hikes have destroyed the value proposition for the original purpose (i.e., saving money on vacations), since the maintenance fees are now as much as we typically spend on our week of vacation. During the sales pitch, which centered on the cost saving of owning versus buying hotels in an environment of 10-15% yoy increases in vacationing costs, we specifically asked about the annual rates of increase in maintenance and other annual fees, and we were assured that these costs had and would continue to rise at low single digit rates. This was obviously was a fraudulent statement, which the customer service representative at Diamond said should not have been made. The problem is that Diamond is not taking responsibility for what is essentially a deceptive trade practice. Having attended multiple time share presentations, it is clear that all of them offer the same economic savings argument during the sales pitch--an argument that is made fraudulent in light of these fee increases. As an aside, I do not understand how these cost increases are approved, especially since Diamond claims that a subset of the owners (like my wife and I) have approved them. This could be another fraudulent statement, as I cannot imagine which owners would have signed off on such dramatic increases in maintenance fees. I am also willing and eager to join any lawsuit that is filed and hope that everyone posting here has also filed a complaint with the Nevada Attorney's General Office and its Division on Consumer Affairs (see http://ag.state.nv.us/complaints/complaints.htm).

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Sunterra / Diamond Resorts / Resorts West



Posted: 2008-03-27 by David LaRose  [send email]

Foreclosure without notification!
Complaint Rating:  98 % with 44 votes
Company information:
Sunterra / Diamond Resorts / Resorts West
Stateline, Nevada
United States
Phone: 1 877.374.2582

This is my third attempt to correct this grave error that has occurred - resulting in our apparent loss of ownership. We discovered this on our own, when considering booking a Sunterra resort in Scottsdale, AZ next week. We learned that over that past year our deed had a lien placed on it and then was foreclosed on in August (according to Douglas County records - even though we were told that it happened in Clark county). Here are the facts, as brief as I can be:

We have owned since 2003
Bought in Sedona, AZ - 5000 points
Ownership fully paid for
Used only 4 times
Had over 6300 points when our membership was "closed"
Continually received mailings, notifications, emails and bills from Sunterra
All bills paid
According to the dates in the legal system, we have been billed, communicated with, and paid fees even after we apparently lost our property
Our ownership cancellation was never reported to us - from Ridge Pointe, Resorts West, Sunterra or Diamond Resorts.

We have invested over $11, 000 for less than 4 weeks of travel, paid all membership fees and apparently missed maintenance fees after having never been billed. Our credit has been impacted without our knowledge and our asset has been taken from us - due to mistakes and lack of communication - between Resorts West and Sunterra/Diamond and the owner.

We have been told, "Sorry, we sold it." And, "yeah, we shouldn't have billed you; we'll reimburse your membership fees." We want our points and our good standing reestablished, with the opportunity to pay missed maintenance fees. We have outstanding credit and aside from our mortgage, have paid for all that we own in full. I share this because to reinforce the fact that we pay our bills and would have paid maintenance fees - we were never given the chance and someone needs to accept responsibility rather than blaming each other and/or the owner.

Please, someone "step up and make this right." This is a plea for various parties to work together to get our owner status restored, including our maintenance fees paid by us. I am hoping that upon review, all will recognize their mistakes, accept responsibility and collaborate to get our full ownership status with Sunterra/Diamond back ASAP - with the points we had when it was closed.

The above is the most patient and kind request I can make.


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We travel a lot, so we did consider buying timeshare if they are good business.

So after we listen to Diamond Resort's second timeshare presentation, we sign the contract.

Everybody happy right?

The thing is after we bought it, we still have many questions, so we try to call . e-mail. fax...

There's no response.

So we started to worried, are they really selling us a promising travel quality or they just want to get our money and run?

After councel with lawyer and real estate broaker plus many online research about "Diamond Resort", we decided to cancel it.

It took us a little while to figure out how to cancel, so I decide to record it here, and save you some time.

Remember, cancel within 7 days count from the day you sign the contract.

Here is the document they gave you, the cancellation paper is hide inside.


Did I ever mention no matter which number we call. e-mail or fax, there's no response, and we tried many many days after we purchased.

So I will cut the detail about how we beat around the bush, and ask you to find the cancellation contract which is hide inside the documents.

Here it is, count around 2/3 inside this papers.




1.sign it.

2.fax them to 2 places.

   1. First American Tile Insurance Co

       Fax: 702-562-9760

   2. Diamond Resort

      Fax: 702-765-8693

3. Copy the paper you sign (for back up documents )and send the original one to Diamon Resort with Return Receipt (Electronic)

add: c/o Rescission Coordinator, Diamond Resorts Financial Services, Inc. 10600 West Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89135



Other things we did to contact Diamond Resort is in vain,

they never return or reply anything.

But First American Tile Insurance Co reply us right away we fax the cancellation document.


Around 1 month later, we got our money back.

Good luck, hope you seize the time.(7 days only)

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Call this numbe 877-5947850, 

Give them your e-mail, (Don't give them your new credit card number, if you just cancel the old one)


I hope you are lucky enough to find the right number to call them within 1 month.

If you cancel the membership (they trick you) within 1 month, you will get your money back from them.

The thing is they give you the wrong the number.

This number, (877) 292-6892 doesn't work at all.

Phone: (877) 292-6892

You can also call your credit card company to dispute your charge, I luckily buy Chase Fraud Detector,

so despite other department doesn't want to dispute the weird charges,

Chase Fraud Detector help me disputed 3 of them.

I only agree to pay the postage of the trial

12/10/2009      12/7/2009        SUP*SMILEBRIGHT 877-5947850   OH      $86.93

12/7/2009        12/4/2009        SUP*TEETHWHITE   877-2926892   OH      $79.95            

11/19/2009      11/17/2009      beutyclub          8668477659                $1.95              

11/19/2009      11/17/2009      softhealth          8772055816                $0.99      

Let me tell you what I did today.

I CALL SUP*SMILEBRIGHT 877-5947850  talk to Bridget, the company looks like register in OH right?

But No, according from Bridget, their address is Iowa,

Dezzle White Address 3600 Army Post Road, Des Moines, Iowa 50321.

I asked Bridget,

What did I buy for $86.93?

She said 


I asked does the trial worth $86.93
She said "Yes".(Really? We are that stupid to buy this for $86.93)

Can I cancel?

She said "No",it's expired the trial date.

Call this number 877-5947850, 

To whom who wanna sue them, please count me in.

Let me make a conclusion of how to solve the problem.

1. call  877-5947850, them you want to cancel the membership.

2. call your credit card company, the number is behind the card.

(BTW, your credit card company will also want to know what number and who you contact in this company,Remember to write it down.)


Date/Time: December 28 2009, 14:19:46 Order ID: DZW241268927978
Your PremiumWhite Cancellation Confirmation  
Dear *************

Thank you for taking the time to try out PremiumWhite. This is an automated message to confirm that you have recently been removed from our preferred customer program; therefore you will no longer be receiveing any more PremiumWhite products or shipments unless a shipment had already been shipped prior to your cancellation.

Please keep this cancellation note for future reference.


PremiumWhite Cancellation Department

NOTE: This message is fully automated, so please do not reply to this message. If you have any further questions of concerns please contact our customer service department at 888-591-2190


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