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Posted: 2010-03-16 by   Diamond Resorts Very Unresponsive

Rude & Lying
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I wrote Diamond on March 6, 2010 with no response asking them to transfer maintenance fees to San Luis Bay Inn. This was after I was told they were not yet transferred by Fairfield Management Resort. I paid club dues not recognizing until today Diamond collects maintenance fees for all locations except San Luis Bay Inn. I verified my account with Diamond showed $0 in maintenance fees dues in addition to club fees believing they were paid. Their site indicates they collect both. Nowhere on their site dso they indicate this policy is not applicable to San Luis Bay Inn. If you call the automated number, however, they indicate they are unable to take payment for San Luis Bay Inn. As a result of Diamond’s not specifying this deviation in policy, I owe a collection agency $649.49 for $240.92. One simple phone call or an explanation of the deviation in policy on their web-site would have handled this matter. Or for that matter, indicating what the fees were that I initially paid for.

Their response when I called Diamond Resorts this morning and pressed #0 (you can't get anyone from their corporate office). The person indicated to me that I should have known better. He told me “it has been years since Sunterra collected fees and that I didn’t haven’t my facts straight.” I told him that I have a copy of my VISA statement for 2009 showing otherwise—he hung it on me. Unfortunately, I find their people arrogant when they are ill-informed and make no effort to remedy their mistakes.

The collection agency said this also happens with RCI. They use the words maintenance fees and confuse people. In all honesty, owning a time-share is not worth it-- I find that I am dealing with people who don't care or not willing to help you. This is not the first time that Diamond has been so rude to me, or cost me money. I believe they do this to get more money from the collection agency.


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