Diamond Resorts International


Posted: 2009-04-06 by   dissatisfied

Unfair business practices
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Company information:
Diamond Resorts International
Las Vegas, Nevada
United States
Phone: 8002797764

I purchased a timeshare with points I could use every year. I was told the fees would total less than $800 a year when I purchased the week. I have received bills in excess of $1300 and when I requested an accounting of taxes and fees to try to understand why the charges were so much than I was quoted at time of purchase, no one responded to my written communication even though I have documentation that shows my correspondence was received. There is no control over how much you will be charged once you purchase one of these units. The sales people will tell you anything to get you to purchase and you have no recourse. If you refuse to pay the huge fees, your credit will be ruined. It took me two months to get the phone number I have included so I could talk to someone who was no help what so ever. Stay away from this company as their business practices are horrible and you will be SORRY. Once you purchase you are stuck. The properties are never filled and some of them are old and in less than great condition and you can stay at them for a fraction of what you will pay in fees if you purchase.


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