Our story is likely a familiar one to all of you. My wife and I bought a timeshare at the Diamond Resorts property in Sedona, AZ in 2008. We have yet to vacation on it, but have been hit with a 35% and 40% annual increase in maintenance fees, which we are required to pay in order to preserve the original investment (roughly $13, 000). These fee hikes have destroyed the value proposition for the original purpose (i.e., saving money on vacations), since the maintenance fees are now as much as we typically spend on our week of vacation. During the sales pitch, which centered on the cost saving of owning versus buying hotels in an environment of 10-15% yoy increases in vacationing costs, we specifically asked about the annual rates of increase in maintenance and other annual fees, and we were assured that these costs had and would continue to rise at low single digit rates. This was obviously was a fraudulent statement, which the customer service representative at Diamond said should not have been made. The problem is that Diamond is not taking responsibility for what is essentially a deceptive trade practice. Having attended multiple time share presentations, it is clear that all of them offer the same economic savings argument during the sales pitch--an argument that is made fraudulent in light of these fee increases. As an aside, I do not understand how these cost increases are approved, especially since Diamond claims that a subset of the owners (like my wife and I) have approved them. This could be another fraudulent statement, as I cannot imagine which owners would have signed off on such dramatic increases in maintenance fees. I am also willing and eager to join any lawsuit that is filed and hope that everyone posting here has also filed a complaint with the Nevada Attorney's General Office and its Division on Consumer Affairs (see

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