Recently I saw my phone bill has some weird charges put on RingTones/AnswerTones/Games type, and charge me $40 bucks within a month.

I was quite confused and thought the money would be gone forever without knowing who's stealing my money.


Today, I search the forum and got a phone number 1-800-331-0500,

after telling them my situation, they transfer my phone to a lady named Erica {Personal content removed} ,she's so patient and knowledgeable.


Erica not only help me look into my case, she also shows her passion in working and enjoy helping people to solve their difficulties.


I was so thankful and feel lucky it's Erica helps me today, hope that is AT&T's spirit, all people in AT&T are like her.


I only asked Erica help to looks into my phone bill history this month, and hope I could get my $40 back, (Frankly speaking, I didn't eventhink about getting back,  just wanna know what happened, who's charging me.)


 Now, Erica helps me turn on my "purchaseblocker", and get me $70 back, she said there's more charges but she can only disputed within certain days (I think it's 90 days), I am already so happy I know the reason, could block the fraud party, and get more than $40back.


AT&T, keeps your spirit, I hope you could have more people like Erica, and I will not be cheap to spread my positive good words for you. 



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